Lego League

On November the 4th the Challis LEGO league teams will be competing at Cecil Andrews.  The teams have been working hard all year on their projects and robot programming elements of the competition.  

The students were given the task to create a solution to long term living in space.  The Botstormers have designed a Space Olympics covering physical, social and mental exercise.  They designed the rules, activities and scoring system.


 The Lego Masterminds designed ways to recycle waste in space to reuse plastic, metal and paper products. Their idea is to to produce practical repair items for the spacecraft as well as items to help keep people entertained like board games.


The students would love to share their learning and experience with the wider school community, next week the project will be on display in the library. Alternatively, they would love to see you on the day of the competition this Sunday, events kick off around 9:30 am and finish around 4 pm.


We wish them all the best for the competition.