A Letter to all Fathers - from a Father

A Letter to all Fathers……from a Father

Secretly, I was never planning on helping out in my kids' class, ever. I was always going to have something else to do. Whether that be going to work or working around the house, there was always going to be something that I had to do. Why? Because spending the day with my twins can sometimes be, well, a little difficult. Sending them to school was a bit like having a break. So when I was asked by my little ones (4yrs old at the time), if I was going to help out like mum did in class? My secret thoughts were, "Are you kidding! I send you to school to have a break from you. Why on earth would I then come and spend the day with you?" Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my kids. And like most fathers I would do anything for them, truly. However, also like most fathers I am known as the 'grumpy one'.  And honestly, spending the whole day in a single room with not only my kids but probably another 20 kids was the last thing this 'grumpy one' wanted to do.

Like most kids who want something though, my kids kept asking and then my wife joined in. (Enough said)


Under attack from all sides and with nowhere to hide, I eventually gave in. Or like Captain Jack Sparrow said, I "aquiesced to their request".

Seeing that I was as nervous as all hell about how things were going to go, my wife says to me on the morning of my fateful day, "You don't have to stay for the whole day you know. You can come home whenever you want" I felt like I was a kid going to school for my first day. There was no way I was staying for the whole day and now I had permission to leave. YES!

So, with my lunch packed, off we went.

What an unbelievable day it was. Yes, I stayed for the whole day and here's why. Seeing my kids in an environment where they had to listen to another adult was fantastic! Seeing them listening to their teacher was rewarding. All my grumpiness actually was paying off! Seriously though, spending the day with my kids in their class was singularly the best thing I could have done for them and for my relationship with them. Watching them and interacting with them in the different activities over the day was great. The day went so fast and I had so much fun that I was left feeling that I should have done this earlier in the year. Remember, I had put it off until I couldn't anymore. I believe that since making the time to be with them in their classroom my relationship with them has improved. A kid's classroom is a major part of their life, much like going to work for an adult is. When I look back on that day, I think that my kids saw it as, Dad is making time to be with us and that means he must love us heaps. A single day that changed our lives. I'm making the time again this year to be with them in their class. I wish that my dad had this opportunity. I hope that you can make the time too.