S.T.R.I.V.E at Challis Community Primary School

S.T.R.I.V.E at Challis Community Primary School


In 2017, Challis Community Primary School will be implementing a new STRIVE (Structured Teaching Reinforced In a Visual Environment) class for identified junior primary students. 


Our STRIVE class is an opportunity for students identified with additional learning needs to receive targeted instruction focused on achieving their potential in literacy, numeracy, social and life skills. Students selected for STRIVE will be contacted by school staff to discuss individual nature of the program and how it meets their child’s needs.


STRIVE students will be taught in a focused small group environment designed to maximise their learning and engagement.  To help support their targeted learning, STRIVE students will be taught in a separate learning space designed to meet their needs, with regular adventures to participate in programs designed to help them develop all aspects of their physical, social and academic learning.


STRIVE students will be immersed in teaching tailored to meet their learning needs, especially in Mathematics and English, and their social-emotional needs, particularly identifying and responding to emotions and making friends.  This teaching will take place in their STRIVE class. 


STRIVE students will also spend part of each day in their mainstream classroom, participating in classroom activities with the support of their classroom teacher.  This tie to their mainstream classroom is vital to ensuring that STRIVE students consolidate their learning in a different context, can practice and extend their friendship circle and build connections with their teacher and students across Challis Community Primary School.


We look forward to the successful implementation of our STRIVE class, and working in partnership with you to ensure that every child at Challis Community Primary School is given the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential and live a life rich with possibility.