2018 Classes

We want to make sure that we are catering for the individual learning and social needs of all students, so that your children have the best foundation possible for a happy, healthy and meaningful life beyond school. In order to meet these needs, different classroom structures have been established to ensure that no child is left behind.

In response to feedback throughout 2016, and after trialling Inquiry classrooms in 2017, we have now established an Inquiry classroom for each year level from Year 1 through to Year 6. Students in these classrooms have demonstrated strong independent learning skills in both Literacy and Mathematics, and the purpose of these classes is to provide opportunity for these students to deepen their understanding of the curriculum.
Inquiry students will learn the same content as the mainstream classrooms in their year level, however there will be a stronger focus on analysis, evaluation and problem solving skills. All students in mainstream classrooms will have an opportunity to develop these skills, while continuing with a crucial focus on teaching your children how to read and write and use numbers confidently and independently. This approach is designed to best cater for the learning needs of all students across our school, personalising the learning to ensure all students progress and reach their full potential.

Paramount to your child’s success is your continued parental support both at school and at home. Recent research continues to show that the parental engagement dramatically increases a child’s chances of being academically successful at school. Regularly talking to your teacher and children about what they are doing in class, participating and helping at community events, and asking your child to show and explain their thinking will help them to reflect on their learning and remain engaged at school.

We look forward to working with all students across the Challis community, and working together with you to give your children great opportunities through high-quality education.