ILT at Challis

ILT at Challis



Every class throughout Challis Community Primary School now has a set if six iPads. (Kindergarten have five) All iPads are synchronized for their year level with apps that were thoroughly researched by our team before being installed.  Literacy and Numeracy are the main focus of the apps chosen. An iPad cafe is run by Mr Webb for all staff to attend with a view to sharing their knowledge and keeping up with new releases of apps.



Challis Community Primary School took advantage of the Primary School Device Program which enabled us to purchase another 200 iPads along with storage, covers and keyboards.  This program was offered to enable schools to have class sets of iPads  for study and for NAPLAN testing online, hopefully commencing in 2017.


Evidence suggests iPads help reinforce fundamental literacy and numeracy concepts and skills using engaging and interactive applications (‘apps’) that provide children with immediate feedback. Teachers can customise applications to match the instructional needs of each child, so students are able to learn at their own level and pace.


The long term technology plan at Challis is for each student to have an iPad in their classroom only accessed by them. Their iPad would track and monitor their individual data, store and file assessment, create and monitor their goals, as well as a raft of other valuable applications.


The Primary Device Program gives our students the opportunity to access technologies that will help prepare them for the future.  It will allow them to develop the skills needed to reach their potential and secure career pathways